The heartwarming and hilarious part-memoir, part-guide from comedian and father Ashley Blaker, on parenting children with special needs. As serialised in The Sunday Times.

Ashley Blaker has six children, three of whom have an SEN diagnosis. Between endless meetings, countless therapists, public humiliations, failed playdates, surreal monologues and occasional violence, it’s certainly not what anyone would call a ‘normal’ household – but would he want it any other way?

Written with humour, compassion and a lot of love, Normal Schmormal is a must-read for parents, carers and teachers of children with SEN, either looking for a bit of support or in need of a very big laugh.



‘Very funny and honest. There is treasure here for all parents.’

Alex Horne

‘Laugh out load. Every parent should have a copy.’

Emma Kennedy

‘Absolutely hilarious and yet so poignant.’

Matt Lucas
Normal Schmormal available in paperback, ebook and audiobook
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‘This book is a godsend for neurodivergent parents like me.’

Josie Long

‘There’s so much love and good energy in this book.’

Adam Hills

‘Can teach us all something about parenting.’

Lucy Porter

‘A very special book about a very special family.’

Elis James

‘Brilliantly funny and often incredibly emotional.’

David Walliams